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Don’t have a helluva lot to say today, except that I am feeling at peace and content after my evening walk with Nick.  It really is a good way to wind down after dinner.  Especially if dinner has involved delicious bacon that needs walking-off.

Have decided to start wearing more dresses lately, particularly after reading this cool gal.  I generally am more of a mix & match separates kind of person, and a conflicted in-betweenie, size-wise.  But her links & sense of style have inspired me to branch out a little.  I’ve been lusting after Igigi for the longest time & bemoaning the fact that they just don’t make as many gorgeous tops as they do gorgeous dresses.  But hey, maybe I should just quit my bitching & buy a damn dress, right?

So Friday, I went out to TJ Maxx at lunch and walked around the store muttering “What would Sarah from Return to Sender do?”  But not in a crazy way.  Okay, probably a little crazy.  And damned if I didn’t find 2 dresses I absolutely loved.  I wore one to the barbecue on Saturday.  And it was SLEEVELESS!  Scandalous!  And I rocked it hard.

The other dress, however, was more of a Career sort of thing.  I don’t typically wear dresses to work.  I used to have to be prepared to go to a dirty factory or take something apart, but I’ve been more desk-bound as of late, so the hangup is purely psychological.  I’m an engineer, I think to myself, all the boys will all stare & ask me why I’m all dressed up today or something more obnoxious.  So I get myself all psyched up, rehearsing cool one-liner responses for every patronizing or sarcastic comment I can think of, put on my dress & charge into work, loaded for bear.  And you know what happened?  Nothing.  No one said anything, nasty or otherwise.  You know, maybe once I stop looking for a fight, I’ll stop finding one.

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